I’m new to the special events world. Help!

March 24th, 2019 by Arlette Mendenhall

Everyone at one time was a “newbie” to the world of special events. You already know you have a marketable item, but what next?

Don’t be intimidated

The first time you set up at a special event is always an intimidating experience. But it needn’t be.

Be confident in the quality of your product. You’ve spent hours and dollars perfecting your merchandise. Now show it. Set up your display in a manner that reflects this confidence.  Don’t be afraid to stand up and talk to potential customers. Welcome them to your booth and ask if they are familiar with your product or service. Show them how to use your product.

Don’t get discouraged

It’s a big event, lots of publicity and traffic, your display looks great, but your sales are lacking. Don’t get discouraged, it just may not be your day.

Most customers are looking for that special something. Could be a new pair of earrings or artwork for the wall. Doesn’t mean you don’t have a salable item, it’s just not your turn.

What’s most important is you are exposing yourself and your product to the public. Make sure to have some sort of handout or business card to give people. They may not need you today but may seek you out next time and it’s important to make it easy for them to find you.

Don’t give up

So don’t give up, don’t blame the show and ALWAYS keep your display and product looking fresh. You’ll learn something each time you set up – from display to signage, handouts to interacting with customers. Every event will be a learning experience and not only will your business grow, so will you.

Before you know it, you’ll be interacting with customers like you’ve known them forever. You might even build some long-lasting relationships, both personal and professional.

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