How to sell your product and yourself

October 7th, 2016 by Arlette Mendenhall

So you’ve spent hours and money making your products.  You’ve invested in displays and props. You’ve ordered business cards, brochures and even a website or e commerce store. So now what? Now you have to learn how to sell your product and yourself.

Do you sit back and wait? Absolutely not.  Now you need to promote more than ever.  And not just your product and services but also yourself.  Yourself? Why do I need to promote myself.  I’ve made great stuff, it should sell itself! Oh if it were that easy.

How many times have you gone into a store and not been acknowledged? No hello, may I help you, nothing.  The same holds true when you’re doing shows and events.  Don’t be that bah humbug vendor who sits behind the table with a disgruntled “just buy something” look on your face.  Or worse yet the one who is too busy on their cell phone to even look up. Put down the cell phone, put a SMILE  on your face and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Your booth is your store and you are the salesperson

Customers to your table are the same as if they walked into  your store.  And yes, your booth is your store and you are the salesperson.  Stand up, greet that customer with a friendly hello how are you, are   you familiar with my products. Engage in a conversation and acknowledge that person as a potential customer. Make them feel welcome in YOUR STORE.

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel that you are truly interested in their business. A simply hello will break the ice.  And who knows, that might be all it takes to turn that person into a paying customer, who’ll tell their friends about your great products and how great you are to work with.

Put yourself on the other side of the table and ask yourself, “ how do I want to be treated if I were the customer”?  I doubt you would be very eager to buy from someone who ignored you or looked grumpy when you walked in. No one wants to feel like they are inconveniencing you by interrupting to make a purchase.

So make yourself available to your customer, be cheerful and happy to help them.  Make them feel welcome, treat them like your best friend.   They’ll spend more money with a cheerful vendor than with a grumpy face one and you’ll go home knowing you gave it your best both in product and service.

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