Your Go To Craft Expo Checklist

July 20th, 2016 by Arlette Mendenhall

Every event presents it’s own set of circumstances and situations making setting up your booth a creative adventure. However there will always be certain items you should have with you for any event. Here is our ultimate Craft Expo Checklist!

A smart move is to designate a tub strictly for this purpose and keep it stocked so you can grab and go and not worry about forgetting something at the last minute.

Start from the bottom up when creating your display and checklist. While some events provide certain items for you, it’s best to include them on your list just in case.

Below are the essentials to have on your Craft Expo Checklist:

  1. Table(s)
  2. Chair(s)
  3. Table cover(s) – fitted professional covers are nice, but a flat bed sheet works just as well. Make sure it is clean and pressed and covers the front of your table to the floor (this hides your empty boxes from public view).
  4. Rolling cart – these are a valuable asset when transporting your products and displays. They are not real expensive as I have seen them under $40 at Ace Hardware and on Harbor Freight Tools website, but are worth their weight in gold when making those trips back and forth to the vehicle.
  5. Display props – make sure to include any miscellaneous components to your props (hooks, clamps, etc) and make sure your displays are safe and SECURE. Small children are our greatest fear, you never know where they will go and what they will grab next.
  6. Tape – heavy packaging tape works better than regular “scotch tape”
  7. Scissors
  8. Price tags/labels
  9. Signs – signs can be useful for pricing large quantities of like product and easier for your customer to see. And if done properly can even attract customers to your booth.
  10. Banner – identify yourself and look more professional. Customers from previous events can find you quicker by seeing your banner.
  11. Blank Paper – take notes, whether it be someone sharing info about an upcoming event or a customer wanting a special order, it’s better than your hand or a napkin.
  12. Pens – for writing those notes or pricing your products
  13. Business cards/holder
  14. Product brochures/handouts
  15. Glue – for quick minor repairs
  16. Bags – for your customers purchases and one for trash
  17. Snacks & Drinks – not all events will have access to food, best to bring some simply snacks than be hungry all day.

This is just a basic list, yours may be shorter or longer. If doing outdoor events, well, that requires a checklist all it’s own.

Being organized will make your event much less stressful and a lot more fun!

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