Attracting the Customer to Your Booth or Display

April 23rd, 2019 by Arlette Mendenhall

Sounds simple right. But have you really taken a good look at your presentation? It may look good to you but what does the customer REALLY see. Too many vendors truly “flat line” when it comes to setting up their display. And I do mean flat line! How many times have you seen (or done it yourself) just put your merchandise out on the table? No variation in height, no interesting props, just there…flat on the table. Well, we’ve all done it one time or another, but we have some awesome tips for you to get your table display looking awesome!

What does your customer really see?

Step outside your booth and look at it from the customers perspective. Walk down the aisle a ways and come back.

Does your booth catch your attention or does it blend with the surroundings?

Attracting the Customer to Your Booth or DisplayAdding interest to your table display

If you want customers to come visit your booth, you must add some interest to your display. Create varying heights by using wooden crates, decorative boxes, shelves, or any other props you can find. Show different ways of using your product by setting up small vignettes. Stuffed animals are another way to display clothing, hats, and bags. The ideas are endless, just look throughout your home and I’ll bet you find a multitude of ideas. Even the yard can provide display materials. Tree branches can hold jewelry and flowers will accent that ceramic vase. Even your storage/transport tubs covered with colorful fabric can elevate your products and create interest. Pinterest is an awesome site to find table display inspiration!

Give the customer suggestions

Ever watch any of the home improvement shows on television, once they are done with the remodel they always “stage” the home before putting it up for sale. This gives the buyer “ideas” on how to use the room. You can do the same with your products, give the buyer an idea on how to use your product. Better yet give them several ideas, and increase your sales volume. The more uses they see the more they realize they need more of your products.

Great for gifts!

Always encourage the idea of using your product for gifts. A simple gift-wrapped box will put the idea into the buyers head that your product would make a great gift.

Keep it simple

Don’t overload your table. Put out one or two of each item. If you have several of the same items, consider using grid panels and hanging your items. Grid panels come in several sizes and you can also get stands to configure the panels in various ways to optimize your space. Even in smaller venues, tall grid panels can be fastened together to create an “L” and wrapped around the corner of the table to give you more display area.

Have a plan in mind

Practice building your display at home with various props until you create just the right look for your merchandise. Keep in mind that you may not always have a large space at an event and a 6′ table may be your showroom. Build your display up, not out, and you will always be able to maximize any space at any event.

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